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Handling of personal information
Handling of Personal Information

Please read the privacy policy if you are located in the European Economic Area.

We protect personal information based on our privacy policy.
The entered personal information is handled according to the privacy policy and used within the set scope for providing services and notices.
To clear any concerns about our handling of the provided information, please read the following purpose, administrator, necessity of providing of information, arbitrariness of providing information, and the rights regarding the information you provide before agreeing to them.

Business Operator
Fuji Soft Incorporated

Personal Information Administrator
Officer in Charge of Personal Information Protection
1-1 Sakuragi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 231-8008, Japan

Purpose of Use
1. Notice related to our products and services
2. Notice related to seminars hosted, co-hosted, and sponsored by us and other events
3. Provision of information related to customer's businesses or interests
4. Request for customer satisfaction surveys and other questionnaires
5. Responding to inquires or orders

Provision to Third Parties

There may be a possibility to disclose, provide, or share personal information with other companies or organizations when we co-host events or seminars with said companies or organizations.

a. Purpose of provision and use of personal information
To provide notice about services and information provided by the said companies or organizations.

b. Personal data provided to the third party
Customer's name, company or organization name, department, position, postal code, address, telephone number, FAX number, and e-mail address.

c. Method of providing personal information to the third party
Mailing or electronic transmission of documents.

d. Recipient and administrator
Companies or organizations that we co-host events or seminars with.

e. Contract related to handling of personal information
Memorandum about the handling of personal information is concluded between us and said companies or organizations.


Disclosing Personal Information and Inquiry Counter
We accept request from you to inform the purpose of use, disclose, correct, add, delete, suspend use, terminate, and suspend provision to third parties ("Disclosure, Etc.") regarding your personal information we possess.
Please send request regarding Disclosure, Etc. to the inquiry counter of department in charge.

Arbitrariness of Providing Information and Effects of Refusing Provision
Provision of information is arbitrary but some items you choose not to provided may result in you not being able to make application for seminars.

Acquisition of Information in Methods Hardly Recognizable by Customer
Agreement to Personal Information Protection Policy
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